The Grand Sammy Switcheroo is the upcoming third book in the Sammy Space-Time series, not counting Sammy's Super Sonic Adventure, which is not considered part of the main series, but is still canonical.

What is known so farEdit

The current plot is unknown, although the series' creator claims to have filled out the novel's guidelines already, meaning that he has planned out the order of events. Also, Sammysburg is set to be the novel's main setting.

The characters that have been announced to return in the novel as of now are Sammy Harbors, Timothy, Tiffany, Morgan Harbors, Haley Ferris, Tobias, Shelby, and William Harbors, and new characters will be Maple Honeybay (Olivia Redsmoth's granddaughter and Sammy's soon-to-be girlfriend), Justin Biggs (Sammy's best friend and BowserMan101 in real life), Cobi (the Multiversal Guardian of the Cosmos), Moby (the Multiversal Guardian of the Atmosphere), and Timothy & Tiffany's children.

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